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Fishing in Scotland

For fishing enthusiasts, Scotland is a good destination which can be excellent for fishing breaks. Various types of fishing is available in Scotland including salmon and trout fishing with fishing being possible at many different lochs and rivers.   There is also a wide range of self catering accommodation in Scotland suitable for those who want to go fishing.

Do remember though that usually when it comes to fishing you will need to get permission (usually written i.e. a permit) locally– which involves paying a fee to the relevant landowner or club.

If you are looking for a fishing break in Scotland take a look at these self catering cottages for ideas of where to stay for self catering fishing holidays in Scotland 

Fishing is the most popular hobby in Britain. It is mainly the man of the family who likes to fish, there aren't that many women who will sit on a riverbank for hours on end unless they can read a book or do something useful. Sometimes entire families go fishing, the dads intoduce the sport to their children. It is a relatively inexpensive sport once people invest in the equipment. The main costs are those that apply to any self-catering holiday; the cost of accommodation, food and transport.

Self-catering cottages are perfect for all types of activity breaks because they can be booked for very short periods as well as entire weeks. Do take a look at a variety of activities possible in Scotland and Britain and discover activity holidays in the country.