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Scotland is a treat for golfers and has a reputation for excellent golf courses. There are more than 550 golf courses in Scotland in total so there is plenty of choice and many of the courses are on the coast and therefore very scenic.

The most famous golf course in Scotland is of course the old course at Gleneagles in St Andrews, Perthshire – the place for high profile golfing competitions and ‘the’ place to go. 

As always it is best to book golfing direct in advance with golf courses and clubs.

Golf Holidays in Scotland

If you are looking for a golfing break in Scotland take a look at these self catering cottages for ideas of where to stay for self catering golf holidays in Scotland. Or if you are dreaming of a stay in a cottage in the country then do take a look at our page on country cottages.

The joy of golfing holidays in Scotland and a stay in self-catering accommodation


Scotland is a beautiful part of the UK, home to vast, sparking, misty lochs, Celtic tales and soaring mountains. The scattered islands peppering the perimeter of this incredible land give a unique feel to what may seem like a distant terrain compared to other parts of Great Britain, and there is so much to discover and explore, from crumbling castles filled with history to pretty woodland gardens and parks. Going on holiday to a secluded part of Scotland for a break like no other is a great idea, and there is nothing quite like gathering your loved ones up to enjoy a golfing holiday in a stunning part of the country.

Golfing holidays in Scotland are a great way to relax and unwind in some of the most incredible scenery you could imagine. Whether you are a pro at the game or just fancy trying something new with friends and family, there are plenty of breath-taking places in Scotland that are simply perfect to reside in for a golfing break. Being able to play whenever you like is a luxury you will appreciate, and playing amidst jaw-dropping backdrops is a unique experience to be treasured. So where is best to whip out your golf clubs for endless rounds of the game in Scotland?

Modern-day golf can be traced back to 15th-century Scotland, and so there is no better place to come for a golfing holiday other than the place where it first began. The Scottish Highlands are home to countless wonderful golf clubs, set by famous lochs and atmospheric mountain ranges, and if you wish to be in awe by your surroundings as you play golf, then choosing to visit the Isle of Skye, Inverness or Moray with its craggy cliffs and rugged beaches is an excellent choice.

To play on a famous golf course, Scotland is certainly not short of wonderful courses to enjoy a golfing holiday. Gleneagles is known throughout the world, hosting the Ryder World Cup in 2014, and the wonderful Muirfield Golf course close to Edinburgh is a historical and fantastic place to play the game in Scotland.

Going on a golfing break in Scotland is incredibly relaxing, fun and enjoyable. You can take in the delights of the part of the UK including soaking up its heritage, trying some local whiskey, listening to bagpipes or perhaps even donning a kilt for the afternoon, all whilst being able to play as many rounds of golf as you like with those closest to you.