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If you are travelling to Scotland on holiday you will find the following information useful.

Getting to Scotland


Scotland's Airports

There are of course a number of airports in Scotland which various budget and other airlines fly to. 

The four international airports are:

  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Glasgow Prestwick
  • Aberdeen

There are also minor airports for reaching some of the islands and there is an airport at Inverness.

Scotland can also be reached by train via London but this can considerably add to the journey and expense.

Driving in Scotland

Once you are in Scotland, the best way to get around in the Scottish countryside when on holiday in Scotland and especially for reaching those more remote locations and for day trips out and about is by car.  However, transport links in the cities are of course very good and it makes a lot more sense to use public transport in the cities rather than travel by car (although taxis are also a good option if your budget allows for their use).  

Scotland has a good rail network and Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen are all on the train line from London.  There is also a West Highland line with trains running to Oban, Fort William and Mallaig from Glasgow.  Trains from Stirling go all the way up to Wick and also stop at Inverness.  It is also possible to get a train cross country from Aberdeen to Inverness.   Full details of Scotland’s rail network and ferry connections to the various islands can be seen on Scotrail’s website:


There are also ferry connections to most of the major islands.  For example,

  • Orkney can be reached by ferry from Scrabster
  • Stornoway from Ullapool
  • Muck from Mallaig
  • Mull from Oban
  • You can even travel to Belfast in Ireland via ferry from Stranraer.

The best way of getting to Scotland and the type of transport you will use to get to and around Scotland will depend on exactly whereabouts you are holidaying in Scotland, where you are travelling from and how you wish to spend your holiday in Scotland.